Need help putting the beat back into your music?

We can help!

Acvstica Audio is a small engineering and design team who are passionate about audio and are dedicated to the time-consuming task of retro-modding vintage audio consoles. We update their appearance, while conserving their age, and install modern hi-fi equipment, complete with today’s conveniences, to help you restore the beat to your favorite music.

Yesterday’s vintage looks with today’s modern conveniences.

How does it work?

Each piece is unique, and each console is built as it’s rescued. We don’t do any repairs on it’s original components, instead, these are replaced with their modern, hi-fi counterparts. For added convenience, all our consoles have the capability of playing straight from your phone via Bluetooth.

All of our consoles are hand-restored by our team who then selects the best suitable components to bring new life to the console. Only after a console is fully restored and ready to find a new home, will it be on sale.

Acvstica Bonham
Art & Sound @ Vintage Posch

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The perfect way to rekindle your love of music.

Streaming has brought music to every corner of our daily lives. From the living room, to the bathroom, it follows us around. This is wonderful having all the music you could ever dream of, just one click away. And if you’re willing to listen to an ad every once in a while, you may not even have to pay for it. But the cost is not just the ads, or the monthly payment we make to forgo them; streaming has commoditized music to the point where it’s become an ignorable ware that we easily take for granted, thus reducing it’s value to nothing.

The mere fact of having it so attainable, so easily; we’ve been paying a far higher price than we think, and we’ve taken the life out of music.

With this in mind, we’ve found the perfect way to rekindle your love of music.

Acvstica Bonham

If last century’s design lingered, what would it look like today? What components would it be made with? What could we do to bring the warm experience of music-listening in the era of audio consoles into the modern age, with modern conveniences?

These are the questions we seek to answer. And after years, we’ve found these consoles are more than the sum of their parts. They ought to satisfy the need to bring music, in whichever format, in a loyal and modern way to its listeners, while conserving their distinctively Mid-Century Modern design.

We’ve combined the resto-mod/upcycle/retro-fitting movement with a hint of nostalgia to create these bespoke audio consoles, some of which have been playing music for over 70 years. We design them to modern hi-fidelity standards in order to ensure a unit that will undoubtedly become the room’s focal point and be enjoyed for years to come.

Acvstica Bonham

We truly believe (read: feel) that vinyl is the better suited format for making a more authentic connection with music, and as such, is the very heart of our passion. Since we also listen to music on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, or even YouTube, we’ve made sure to complement our consoles with a Bluetooth receiver to ensure they are being enjoyed as often as possible.

We’ve made all the complicated decisions: speakers, cables, connectors, turntable, needle, amplifier, sound isolation, bluetooth… we get it. It can get complicated fast. We all know those turntables inside a briefcase are a bad idea (cringe!) – and if you’re looking for the perfect combination to effortlessly get you to enjoy the heart of your music again, this time with quality components and acoustic treatment to ensure the enjoyment of music for decades to come, you should really consider joining our alliance and subscribe to our newsletter.