About Us

Passionate about audio quality, with extensive background in music production, recording and performance, we put our heart and soul onto each console we restore.

Always inspired by the MidCentury Moden period, and eventually came across the idea of restoring an old console stereo, using modern hi-fi components, and the result was glorious.

Bringing life back onto a console that’s suffered negligence, brought now warmth and a unique piece that was certain to become a conversation starter to our home. Not long after, we started doing it for other people.

For several years, friends and family announced their desires to start listening to and collecting vinyl records, and would ask for guidance.

Equipment selection can be a daunting task, and sadly, a lot of components out there are, sorry to say, garbage. Cheap chinese amplifiers with no quality standards, low gauge wiring, turntables with tonearms, cartridge and sometimes even stylus made from plastic, that could easily permanently damage a record. Garbage. Sometimes it isn’t easy to identify what component (or a combination of them) would be a good pick, and which would only serve as mere decoration, with terrible sound quality and even worse build quality.

Our team has, for decades, helped dozens of people find and install their first Hi-Fi. Adjusting to different budgets and goals. Today, Acvstica Audio seeks to fill the hole in the market that wishes to take their love and passion for music to the next level. With a beautifully crafted piece that’ll surely turn into a fabulous conversation starter at home, giving way to a meaningful chat with loved ones, centering around passion, love, music and art. All of which are beautifully represented in one of our consoles, often rescued from abandonment, with a warm musical soul, loyal to the finer details that created your own love for music to begin with.